Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few more assignments...

**Description below, as Scribd no longer seems to work properly; it will not allow me to exit the full-screen document mode:

Two scripts, transcribed from two segments of the TV series "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?" Note: I did not write these scripts; I merely transcribed them for the purpose of reenactment, as an Advanced Digital Media class project. Although I wound up using a different idea for my final, I did feel like posting these anyway, simply because I loved them. :) They were at an early stage, very much written in shorthand, meant primarily for me as director to use....and still include notes regarding things I'd have had to work out.

There are a few projects I am very disappointed not to have been able to retrieve from school and keep, aside from the "My Little Pony" review that simply doesn't play off-campus for whatever bizarre reason...however, they're worth mentioning, if only to help me remember them:

a) Interview between my mom and a classmate, regarding my brother's enrollment in the Marine Corps (I directed the production/taping.)
b)  Edit of the plane crash scene from The Day After Tomorrow (I reassembled the video and audio.)
c) A promo for Las Vegas tourism (made by a classmate and myself; we wrote and recorded a voiceover, and edited together various clips.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Event Planning projects: Fall 2011

My activity plans can be found on Scribd, right here! (For some strange reason, the documents will no longer embed.)

Playlists for "Movie Music & TV Tunes/Themes Bingo":

  1. #1
  2. #2

  • Please ignore all of the excess bullet points. Blogger is extremely screwy and will not get rid of them. O_o 
    I consulted my Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows for some inspiration.

  •   Some more summaries of mildly competitive social recreation activity ideas (for my Event Planning & Organizing class) follow…

  •       Because it’s social recreation, you’re only playing for points, and the points don’t matter…that’s right. The points are like…like…they're like Whose Line? points, that’s what!
  • ·         5-Second Rule: Two teams alternately send one player to the front of the room. Each person is given five seconds to name three things in a given category (e.g., “dog breeds,” “types of trees,” “red fruits,” etc.) They score a point for the team if successful.
  • ·         Don’t Forget the Lyrics: The class is divided into two teams, each of which sends up one player at a time. This player selects a genre or decade of music, and then chooses one of the listed songs within that category with which s/he feels familiar. S/he begins to sing along with the song lyrics on a screen, until the track is paused and s/he must correctly provide the next line. There may be a brief conference with teammates before “locking in” the lyrics and attempting to score points.
  • ·         Greed: The class is divided into four teams (which are asked to elect captains), and each in turn is asked a question with multiple correct answers. Each member comes up to the board and circles one of the possible answers which they believe to be correct. The team captain has the power to accept or reject any answer(s), replacing rejected ones with others that s/he believes are correct. In order to win a point, a team must have all of the correct answers selected.
  • ·         Win, Lose, or Draw/Fast Draw/Pictionary: The class forms two teams. One player at a time is chosen to come to the board, pick a slip of paper from a sack, and attempt to draw the subject for their teammates to guess. Points are earned for successful guesses; it is essentially a game of Charades that replaces body language with drawing.
  • ·         “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”: Team representatives choose among the available grade levels (K-5) and academic subjects, and must answer questions taken from the corresponding school curricula.
  • ·         Family Feud: Several surveys are conducted beforehand, and the distributions of the responses recorded. The class is then divided into two teams, which stand in rows. The first person in each row steps up to the podium; these two try to beat one another at providing one of the responses on the board. The one whose answer ranks more highly consults with his/her team and decides whether they wish to play or pass. The team that plays is given five seconds per member to name another of the responses given in the survey. The number of survey respondents who gave each answer is the number of points awarded. If a team gets three strikes, the opposing team may try to steal all of their points by providing one more answer among all of the members. Should this fail to show up on the board, the points go to the team that began the round. Play continues in this fashion until all survey questions have been completed (and all answers revealed.) The team with the most points then selects two members to participate in a bonus round, which requires them to earn 200 points between them by separately answering the same set of survey questions. The second player may not duplicate the first’s responses. Points are awarded here just as in the previous rounds against the rival team.
  • ·         Password: In each round, five passwords must be guessed; these passwords are all clues to another word, worth more points for the team that guesses it. Two members from each of two teams sit at a table in the front of the room. A word is shown on a slip of paper to the rest of the group, which must remain silent. One of each chosen pair is designated as the “giver,” and gets to look at the word to determine whether s/he wants to play or pass it on to the two opponents. When playing, the giver provides a one-word clue to his/her “receiver” partner in an attempt to get him/her to say the password within five seconds. Play moves between the two pairs for three tries until the password is guessed, or the three tries are up and the word is revealed. If a receiver gets the word, he or she wins a point and is allowed to take a guess at what the clues add up to in the round. Play continues for the remaining words, with four new players taking over for each one so that everyone has a chance. The team that guesses the fifth word gets the first attempt at putting the five clues together; if both of them fail, their two opponents may guess. The word will be revealed with no points awarded in the even that no one gets it. After a certain number of rounds are played, the winning team selects two people. One is given a list of 26 words, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet, going in order. This giver provides single-word clues to the receiver, trying to get him or her to say all of the words within a time limit, for extra fun and points. A faster version called Million Dollar Password involves trying to get five passwords using single-word clues within a minute; the difficulty level increases as the game goes on, and once one player has beaten his/her opponent in a certain number of rounds, he/she graduates to a series of seven levels which limit the number of clues that may be given. Passed words no longer come back into play. As it continues, the number of words in each set decreases until the pair is required to guess all five passwords with no incorrect answers or passes.
  • ·         The 100,000-Student (or, You Know, 20-ish) Pyramid: Six categories of words that are related in some way are listed on the board. Each of two teams sends up two players at a time, and these players choose one of those categories. The “giver” is shown the words one at a time on index cards, and must give the receiver clues to make her/him say them within the 30-second time limit, without using any part of the answer. One point is awarded per word guessed. After all six categories have been played (or a seventh tie-breaker is completed), the winning team chooses two players to move into the Winner’s Circle. Here, the giver faces the board and lists things that fit into each of six categories, which are revealed one at a time from behind taped sheets of paper. The receiver must say the name of the category (e.g.: “Police officers…schoolgirls…Marines…”=”People who wear uniforms”; "A picture...a sketch...a conclusion...a outline..."="Things you draw"; "Money...a kiss...first base"="Things you steal"), or the giver must say “Pass,” in order for the next one to be uncovered. The pair is given a minute and a half to move through these six categories (they may return to previously passed ones if time permits.) The Winner’s Circle round is played for bonus points and fun.
  • ·         Imaginiff: Six cards, labeled with the numbers 1-6, are distributed to class members. Play starts with the first person seated in the first row, and moves around the room. This first person is the subject of question #1. A game card is randomly selected by the instructor and read aloud; the response choices may be written on the board. The cards read, “Imaginiff _____ were a _____.” Six options are given, and everyone must choose one card corresponding to the answer they believe is most accurate for the person in question. The subject also chooses a card for him/herself. However, points are awarded in each round to the people who chose the most popular answer in the class.
  • ·         What’s My Line?/Figure It Out: Volunteers are asked to step into hallway with the instructor and tell him/her their secret talent, hobby, etc. When they reenter, the first student in the first row begins asking yes-or-no questions in order to try to try and determine what the volunteer’s secret is. When the volunteer answers “no,” the next person gets a turn to ask, and so on, until someone guesses it. People may swap seats and play can start in the back of the room on some subsequent rounds in order to even things out. After every five or six people finish asking questions, the volunteer and instructor may confer and provide the class with a clue as to the secret answer.
  • ·         Scrabble: The class is divided into four teams; each is given an equal number of random Scrabble letter blocks. The teams work together to create the most valuable words they can by having a member approach the projected board, in turn, and placing their blocks in the agreed-upon positions. The team whose words earn the most points is the winner. (A dictionary shall be consulted in the event of a conflict over the validity or spelling of a word.) The rules of Scrabble are to be followed in creating words (e.g., no abbreviations, initials, or proper nouns.)
  • ·         Match Game: First, each player gets to select three other group members to give them suggestions for a “fill-in-the-blank” question. S/he may take one of those suggestions or provide his/her own answer. Three popular responses will be revealed in increasing order, with the most popular being worth the most points. In the next round, players must choose one other member, and attempt to give the same response to another “fill-in-the-blank” that that person writes on a card. For a longer game, two players can be nominated to take one another on by trying to match as many members of a six-player “panel” as they can.
  • ·         “Never Have I Ever…”:  Players form a circle and hold up all ten fingers. The first player makes a simple, truthful statement beginning with the words "Never have I ever.” Anyone who has done what the first player has not must lower one finger. Play then continues around the circle as the next person makes a statement. The game is finished when any player ends up with all ten fingers down. An additional rule - uncommon, but beneficial to the game - is that if there is no one putting down a finger, then the one who said the particular "Never have I ever..." must themselves lower one. This rule often forces the players to strategize more and makes for less disposable/pointless suggestions. A further variation holds that whenever only one person is putting their finger down, that person must provide a detailed account of why they are doing so.
  • ·         Mad Gab: Using the game’s cards, players read out the words for their teammates, earning points when a teammate figures out the disguised phrase and rings the bell.
  • ·         Jeopardy: The class is divided into three teams, each of which sends up one representative per round. These three players take turns trying to control the board and earn points by choosing categories and point amounts, and providing the correct questions for the given answers.
  • ·         Dog Bingo: Bingo…but with images of dogs. ;) Could be applied to nearly any topic.










Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Douglas giveaway entry!

A week left to enter for a chance to win an awesome Douglas Cuddle Toy (some of the rarest and most realistic animal species & dog breed plushies out there!! They've got SO many fantastic choices!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Advanced Digital Media: "Road Trip"

I want to be able to share my Advanced Digital Media final projects on YouTube, but cannot due to copyright issues; I also can't find any video storage site that will upload files between 950 MB and 2 GB. (They are quite long: 27 minutes for the full footage, roughly half that for each of the two edited versions, one of which I also needed to split in half.) =/ Therefore, I'm at a loss as to how to include these videos among the others on my YouTube channel. I suppose for now I will have to simply keep them on my hard drive and find a way of sharing them with anyone who might wish to see them in the future. 

The descriptions are as follows:

I have three versions (one semi-final, the final, and then the original 27 minutes of recording, also set to a musical montage and spiced up with various visual effects. That one is basically my home video. The semi-final and the longest one had to be split due to the file sizes. 

One was created as a final project for Advanced Digital Media (editing, essentially), for which we could do just about anything. 
As usual, I started off with far better ideas and ran out of time--and the final product could be quite a bit better. I wrote up scripts and wanted to cast a couple of "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?" reenactments ("Grave Sitting" and "Precious"); my other choice was exploring/documenting some supposedly haunted local sites (namely, the five spots on my campus and one Revolutionary War house in the same town.) But, alas, I had to go with this idea: recording my Easter weekend trip down to Virginia Beach, VA, to hang out with my newly made-up Marine brother. Didn't know whether it would become a travelogue or advertisement or what, but it seems to be a home movie music video of sorts. The only aspect that lives up to what I'd envisioned is the assortment of songs (which were pulled from my own personal collection of ultimate road trip music.)

I knew it'd be tricky to get much more than a "home movies" effect with my digital camera on a family trip...but I did attempt to record as much of what we saw and did as possible, and to somewhat capture that exciting 'travely' feeling of getting ready to go, setting out on the road, being in new places and seeing new things, etc.

The ever-so-slightly different version of the project (think it was mostly the very end that changed) is just a sliiightly different edit...I'd saved it first and still liked it, so I knew I'd wind up keeping both. Same thing, mostly, though.

Finally, I took the complete 27-minute trip footage and set it to more awesome music and funky effects. 8-] <--On the 12th, I uploaded that to YT w/ AudioSwapped tracks. All of the project versions wound up being approximately 15 minutes in length.

To provide a better idea of what the videos are, here is the would-be list of tags for them:

advanced digital media editing class final project music video songs road trip driving virginia beach home video highway hotel Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf Movin' Right Along The Muppet Movie Til We Run Out of Road Jewel Me and You and a Dog Named Boo Lobo Vacation Vitamin C On the Open Road A Goofy Movie Life Is a Highway Rascal Flatts Everyday Is a Winding Road Sheryl Crow Don't Stop Believin' Journey Holiday Madonna On the Road Again Willie Nelson I'm On My Way I Was Born Under a Wandering Star Paint Your Wagon Ramblin' Man Allman Brothers Vacation The Go-Gos Breakaway Kelly Clarkson I Get Around Beach Boys No Particular Place to Go Chuck Berry Two Tickets To Paradise Eddie Money Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles This Land is Your Land Woody Guthrie Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones Holiday Road Dancin' 'Cross the USA Lindsey Buckingham Who Says You Can't Go Home Bon Jovi Kokomo Two Tickets to Paradise Eddie Money Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles Rock This Country Shania Twain Born Free Kid Rock Send Me On My Way Rusted Root

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Song Dedication (Celine Dion: "Fly")

I'd like to take a moment to play this song in memory and honor of our dearly departed Casey and Molly (as well as every other lost family member and friend.)


Fly, fly, little wing
Fly beyond imagining

The softest cloud, the whitest dove
Upon the wind of heaven's love
Past the planets and the stars
Leave this lonely world of ours
Escape the sorrow and the pain
And fly again

Fly, fly precious one
Your endless journey has begun
Take your gentle happiness
Far too beautiful for this
Cross over to the other shore
There is peace forevermore
But hold this mem'ry bittersweet
Until we meet

Fly, fly do not fear
Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear
Your heart is pure, your soul is free
Be on your way, don't wait for me
Above the universe you'll climb
On beyond the hands of time
The moon will rise, the sun will set
But I won't forget

Fly, fly little wing
Fly where only angels sing
Fly away, the time is right
Go now, find the light

Casey: (adopted) 10/5/01~9/10/10

"I know you can't stay,
But part of you will never, ever go away;
Your heart will stay.,,"
~Jordan Hill

"When you lose someone you love they never really leave you. They just move into a special place in your heart."
"I don't want him in my heart;I want him here with me."
~Victor Frankenstein (Frankenweenie)

"If only tears could bring you back to me,
If only love could find a way...
What I would do, what I would give, if you'd
Return to me, someday, somehow, some way....
If my tears could bring you back to me."
~Midnight Sons 


"Energy does not die; I have only changed form. 
I will always be with you."

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog,
they take a piece of my heart with them....
And every new dog who comes into my life
Gifts me with a piece of their heart.
If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog--
And I will become as generous and loving as they are."


I still run, I still swing open the door;
I still think you'll be there like before

"So long, old friend,
I wish that I could see once again.
I never knew, the time would come
When I'd be losing you.

I hope you know I never meant 
To treat you badly...
And now I know just what a friend like you is for.
I never thought that it would end so sadly,
And you'd be walking through that door...

So long old friend,
I wish that I could see once again.
I never knew, the time would come
When I'd be losing you.

I always thought our fun and games would just
Go on and on....
I never knew I'd have to long...
~"Here Comes Garfield" ("Garfield and Friends")

"There must be something more to us than you and me;
It must be tangled up somehow with destiny.
I used to think the sum of one and one was two,
But we add up to more, me and you.
I don't know how to say the things I'm thinking of,
But the something more I'm feeling must be love."
~Charlotte's Web (1973)

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Let's go & win us some Douglas!!

This sweepstakes end on April 23 (this Saturday); it's easy to enter for another chance to win a high-quality Douglas Cuddle Toy product--those are without doubt some of the absolute best plushes ever made...and I of all people ought to know! ;)

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Another sweepstakes:

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Studio Production materials: Talent's spring cupcake decorating how-to guide

Cupcake Decoration Steps

Download Word Document

Full-size pictures:

*Try to leave enough unfrosted space on back of doughnut hole to be able to handle it with minimal mess.
*Pinch marshmallow slices to see if you can make them more bunny ear- and flower petal-like. I think this test one I made resembles a mouse, since I only pinched a little.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Are You Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, or Miranda?

You Are Miranda

You are down to earth and no nonsense. You don't suffer fools gladly.

You've been accused of being a workaholic, but you can't help it... you like to be productive.

You are competitive, and you love to win. You've even been known to compete with the men you date.

You need a man strong enough to stand up to you - that's the only way you'll respect him!

(Hardly a foreign film, buuuut....I think this blog may as well be used for something now that the course is over.)

I think I'm a Miranda-Carrie-Charlotte-Samantha, in that order...

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'Nother contest!

Also unrelated to the old blog, but let's add it here anyway, shall we? Instructions for entering to win a Douglas Cuddle Toy product of your choice are right here! Ends on the 26th...

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Off-topic: Contest!

Baby-Sitters Club fan(atic) like me? Enter to win the entire California Diaries series--simply by adding a comment here! That's it; good luck...!