Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Advanced Digital Media: "Road Trip"

I want to be able to share my Advanced Digital Media final projects on YouTube, but cannot due to copyright issues; I also can't find any video storage site that will upload files between 950 MB and 2 GB. (They are quite long: 27 minutes for the full footage, roughly half that for each of the two edited versions, one of which I also needed to split in half.) =/ Therefore, I'm at a loss as to how to include these videos among the others on my YouTube channel. I suppose for now I will have to simply keep them on my hard drive and find a way of sharing them with anyone who might wish to see them in the future. 

The descriptions are as follows:

I have three versions (one semi-final, the final, and then the original 27 minutes of recording, also set to a musical montage and spiced up with various visual effects. That one is basically my home video. The semi-final and the longest one had to be split due to the file sizes. 

One was created as a final project for Advanced Digital Media (editing, essentially), for which we could do just about anything. 
As usual, I started off with far better ideas and ran out of time--and the final product could be quite a bit better. I wrote up scripts and wanted to cast a couple of "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?" reenactments ("Grave Sitting" and "Precious"); my other choice was exploring/documenting some supposedly haunted local sites (namely, the five spots on my campus and one Revolutionary War house in the same town.) But, alas, I had to go with this idea: recording my Easter weekend trip down to Virginia Beach, VA, to hang out with my newly made-up Marine brother. Didn't know whether it would become a travelogue or advertisement or what, but it seems to be a home movie music video of sorts. The only aspect that lives up to what I'd envisioned is the assortment of songs (which were pulled from my own personal collection of ultimate road trip music.)

I knew it'd be tricky to get much more than a "home movies" effect with my digital camera on a family trip...but I did attempt to record as much of what we saw and did as possible, and to somewhat capture that exciting 'travely' feeling of getting ready to go, setting out on the road, being in new places and seeing new things, etc.

The ever-so-slightly different version of the project (think it was mostly the very end that changed) is just a sliiightly different edit...I'd saved it first and still liked it, so I knew I'd wind up keeping both. Same thing, mostly, though.

Finally, I took the complete 27-minute trip footage and set it to more awesome music and funky effects. 8-] <--On the 12th, I uploaded that to YT w/ AudioSwapped tracks. All of the project versions wound up being approximately 15 minutes in length.

To provide a better idea of what the videos are, here is the would-be list of tags for them:

advanced digital media editing class final project music video songs road trip driving virginia beach home video highway hotel Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf Movin' Right Along The Muppet Movie Til We Run Out of Road Jewel Me and You and a Dog Named Boo Lobo Vacation Vitamin C On the Open Road A Goofy Movie Life Is a Highway Rascal Flatts Everyday Is a Winding Road Sheryl Crow Don't Stop Believin' Journey Holiday Madonna On the Road Again Willie Nelson I'm On My Way I Was Born Under a Wandering Star Paint Your Wagon Ramblin' Man Allman Brothers Vacation The Go-Gos Breakaway Kelly Clarkson I Get Around Beach Boys No Particular Place to Go Chuck Berry Two Tickets To Paradise Eddie Money Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles This Land is Your Land Woody Guthrie Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones Holiday Road Dancin' 'Cross the USA Lindsey Buckingham Who Says You Can't Go Home Bon Jovi Kokomo Two Tickets to Paradise Eddie Money Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles Rock This Country Shania Twain Born Free Kid Rock Send Me On My Way Rusted Root