Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few more assignments...

**Description below, as Scribd no longer seems to work properly; it will not allow me to exit the full-screen document mode:

Two scripts, transcribed from two segments of the TV series "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?" Note: I did not write these scripts; I merely transcribed them for the purpose of reenactment, as an Advanced Digital Media class project. Although I wound up using a different idea for my final, I did feel like posting these anyway, simply because I loved them. :) They were at an early stage, very much written in shorthand, meant primarily for me as director to use....and still include notes regarding things I'd have had to work out.

There are a few projects I am very disappointed not to have been able to retrieve from school and keep, aside from the "My Little Pony" review that simply doesn't play off-campus for whatever bizarre reason...however, they're worth mentioning, if only to help me remember them:

a) Interview between my mom and a classmate, regarding my brother's enrollment in the Marine Corps (I directed the production/taping.)
b)  Edit of the plane crash scene from The Day After Tomorrow (I reassembled the video and audio.)
c) A promo for Las Vegas tourism (made by a classmate and myself; we wrote and recorded a voiceover, and edited together various clips.)