Sunday, April 15, 2012

This was tonsa fun...

It's just a shame that they never took it beyond 2008. let you choose your top ten favorite songs from the top ones of each year, going back to 1960. =D

As usual, have to right-click and open the pics in another tab or window in order to be able to zoom in and really see everything.

Also came up with another cool YouTube playlist--this one an ultimate collection of road trip songs!

And later on....I began compiling this. ;~3 (I ALWAYS have to refresh the entry for it to work!)

The theme songs listed are from the playlists for an "Identify the movie/show" game...obviously there are many great ones that would not be good candidates for the game because they give away the title too easily or early on. Also needs "Call On Me," "I Knew I Loved You," "Never Grow Up," "This Is It," "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," "Fifteen," "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Keep Holding On," "The Things We Lost In the Fire," "Lady," "Roar," "Move It Like This," "You Can't Always Get What You Want," "Three Times a Lady," "Not Ready to Make Nice," and whatever else is bizarrely missing--or whatever else is within my starred songs/followed artists/playlist albums on Spotify!

Update: Speaking of the above! Well, in December 2013 I discovered the magic of Spotify. (Account name: Thesnowqueenandjackiefrost. Because the first thing I wanted to look for was the Frozen Deluxe soundtrack--to which I proceeded to listen a bajillion times--and Thesnowqueen was unavailable.) It's pretty awesome to be able to 'follow' lots of great artists, and find and listen to almost ANY song ever recorded by anyone...and almost ANY album. No searching around to see if the right version is on YouTube, and having to arrange them yourself. Brill! The only thing is that I can't put anything on the iPod because it doesn't have a whole lot of space left, and I cannot click on the "iPod" button that's supposed to become clickable when you plug the thing into the comp. Nor can I transfer anything into my music folder, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be able to go onto the iPod anyway. OH, WELLS. Playing almost anything through the comp (via Spotify or else YouTube) is cool enough.