Friday, December 22, 2017

IMP update...?

Well, I knew that last post would only be useful way am I gonna bother drawing in Xs with Paint and re-uploading a bunch of pics every time I get more. It's enough to fill in the paper checklist, which it turns out I don't feel like giving up on. So just noting that I got the following from Jenna today:
  • Baby Surprise penguin and 4 chicks
  • BWA Scamper, Nimble, and Snowflake (completing the set of them)
  • BWA Trumpet and Teeny stickers
  • BWA Habitat cards for Nimble, Posy, Crabby, Snowflake, and Teddy
  • Puppy cards for 96 Amy (already had, why did I reorder? Oh well), 101 Jacob, 70 Clara, 86 Alice, 83 Bren, 57 Wellington, 76 Maggie's fam, 95 Sandy, 97 Josh, Puppy Game rules
  • Kitty cards for 10 Fantasy, 19 Pivot, 11 Tiger, 6 Milky, 33 Rosie, and 5 Oxford
  • Plus a lovely Christmas card =D
Testing: 😫

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Current In-My-Pocket checklists

(Will edit and replace with updated images when more come in.) Most-wanteds highlighted in blue. Also want some variants of ones I have. Most interesting Baby Surprises: swan, seal, dolphin.